31 March 2013
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Podatkovni centar Križ in figures

If you’ve ever wondered how much material, cables, or any of the material is installed in a building, especially when it comes to data center, here are a few details about the progress of the construction and equipping of a data center in Jastrebarsko:


For the construction of the first data center in Jastrebarsko (Tier 3) we used :


  • 3668 m3 of excavated earth
  • 3540 m3 of concrete and 10 tons of reinforcing steel
  • spent 650 m3 of brick
  • spent 6 tonnes of steel for all reinforced concrete works
  • spent 1,500 m2 metal sheet
  • the facility is equipped with 800 m2 of aluminum facade
  • 4 kilometers of plastic pipe
  • nearly 3 km of electric grounding
  • For the final work 7200 m2 of walls is plastered, insulation work in an area of 7,000 m2, 1.000m2 of knob for finishes and technical solutions, and the 500 m2 of dropped ceiling
  • 1,000 m2 of epoxy flooring
  • approximately 1,700 m2 of asphalt for parking and access to the data center
  • 58 manholes


In terms of installation we placed:


  • almost 7 km of power cable, 30 kilometers of electric cable,   and 44 kilometers  of STP and telco cable
  • 200 pieces EE circuit breakers and switches
  • 120 cameras and 120 installed fire detectors
  • 150 doors – from which 120 anti-intruder, and 70 fireproof
  • 600 lighting fixtures and 600 sockets & push buttons

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