Podatkovni centar Križ data center builds and maintains two data centers in locations Jastrebarsko and Križ.

Location Jastrebarsko is operative since November 2012., while the Podatkovni centar Križ data center will be functional at the end of Q1 2014.

Both sites are designed in a way to meet the strictest international safety, quality and regulatory standards.

In addition, both sites are primarily intended as a location for recovery from disaster ( Disaster Recovery ). Consequently, there is office space for all users of data centers that will be used as center for continuing operations (Business Continuity) .

Data centers are located in different seismic zone compared to Zagreb, have excellent transportion links, while providing availability of several optical connectivity options to Zagreb and other European cities. Such optical infrastructuresecures alignment and synchronization of data in real time.

The complex consists of two parts:

  • One is data center white space that accomodates server and storage equipment and this is part of highlest prtection zone in complex.
  • Second part is office premises which host equipped workplaces where users can continue operations in the event of damage to their primary locations.

Both sites are intended to serve as Disaster Recovery sites and to meet or exceed expectations in accordance with the standards prescribed by regultaory bodies on national and international level.

The business model is based on the pre-sale system of the white space, lease per square meter for smaller capacities or for those companies that do not want to invest heavily in building their data centers, and for leased of physical or virtual servers.

  • Podatkovni centar Križ data centers situated in the Republic of Croatia are located to be on adequate distance from Zagreb so that they are part of another seismic area, and they are close enough to reduce the effect of latency of data transfer. Carefully selected micro locations where it was taken account of the traffic connections, telecommunications network, the military-strategic location unimportance, and the possibility to connect to two different electro-tailed distribution and telecommunications systems.
  • Data centers that are fully designed to provide data center services to the superior quality of internationally recognized standards, and each complex was conceived as a center for continuing operations ( Business Continuity Center ). The complex is equipped with offices and workplaces where people can continue to operate in the event of damage to their primary locations.
  • It is the largest data center density (kW/m2) in relation to all the other data centers in the region. Utilization of purchased or leased square meter is at least 60% higher than the nearest competitor.
  • Podatkovni centar Križ data center designs its price classes by models that show maximum flexibility and ability to adapt to client needs. The reason for that are modularly designed data centers. Modularity significantly reduces the cost of maintenance and current investments.
  • Podatkovni centar Križ data center has an elaborate system of cost accounting to real consumption that can be tracked in real time by the user.