JASTREBARSKO, 22 November 2012. – First Podatkovni centar Križ is opened in the industrial zone Jalševac, only 30 kilometers from Zagreb. Opening of such data center puts Croatia alongside the very few countries with high-quality data centers that enable companies and institutions to save and keep data in safe place in accordance with international standards. Similar data center does not currently exist in the region, and it is a highly export product of latest technology, both in the region and in the European Union countries due to lower labor cost and electricity. Investments in data center Jastrebarsko at this stage is 40 million HRK (5,5 mil EUR), and Datacross continues investment cycle for the Jastrebarsko and in the future data center in Križ, which will be even bigger and higher quality level.

According to international standards, the best data center in Croatia was opened in the presence of the Entrepreneurship Minister Gordan Maras and Environment Minister Michael Zmajlović as well as representatives of the largest regional and national companies, and key state institutions, which is a clear expression of the economic value of the project, which will certainly create more jobs for high-skill workers.

Data center Jastrebarsko is multifunctional center of high technology that provides an extremely high level of security and first complete “Business Continuity” and “Disaster Recovery” data center in the region, in line with the highest qualitative, safety and regulatory certifications. Centre is the only one of its kind in the Austria to Bulgaria, so we are confident that his services will be used by state authorities, as well as banks, insurance companies and large businesses, and other,

said Gordan Maras, Entrepreneurship Minister.

We are very proud to build a data center Jastrebarsko, because it is the new value of the Croatian economy, a product that is competitive both in the region and beyond. Croatia has an excellent IT professionals who can compete with the knowledge and competencies to anyone in the world and we are confident that the feasibility of this project will show very soon. In this regard, numerous contacts with prospective customers have already been achieved and in a short time we will realize first projects with internationally known firms,

emphasized KrešoTroha, CEO of DataCross.

Data center Jastrebarsko id designed, built and equipped to the highest regulations of Uptime Institue (the main international center for prescribing level of quality for data centers through TIER standardization ), and currently meets the Tier 3 standard. Location Jastrebarsko was chosen because it is in much lower earthquake area than Zagreb, there is no danger of flooding, but location is also close enough for reducing latency in the data flow. In addition it is important to emphasize that we (with the help of an agile and tolerant communities) provided all prerequisites for the data center of the highest quality standards. Worth pointing out some: multiple branches of power supply sources, DTK network availability from several directions and more.

Realization of the project data center Jastrebarsko began in 2011. when we signed an agreement on strategic investment with domestic investment fund Nexus FGS and thus created the conditions in early 2012. for the realization of the first Podatkovni centar Križ data center. The idea for building Tier 3 data center level came from local experts, and according to the available data, it is one of the largest investments in Croatia this year.

Investment in data center Podatkovni centar Križ is an example that in difficult times, we can find a critical mass of entrepreneurial energy, vision and capital that allows the creation of new values in the Croatian market. Nexus FGS has provided significant funding to implement this technologically demanding enterprise because it is about building a modern and technologically advanced infrastructure of this kind not only in Croatia but also in the neighboring area, for which there is a demand that will only grow in the future. At the same time, this infrastructure is a necessary precondition for the creation of so many other development initiatives and to offer new, modern IT products and services in the market and Podatkovni centar Križ is essentially a digital highway through which companies from these areas connect with the world. We believe that this example clearly shows that there is a strong need for this kind of capital in domestic market that is able to , in combination with good ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives, successfully realize the most complex projects. Finally, we intend to continue investing in this sector, but also in other industries that can create new or added value, and an adequate return on invested capital,

concluded Mark Lesić, CEO of Nexus FGS.