Podatkovni centar Križ data center portal (portal onwards) provides its customers the ability to use a variety of services and facilities, which are regulated by these terms and conditions below.

By using the site, the user agrees to these terms of use, solely to the personal use and at his own risk.

1. Basic Concepts

The user is the one who approaches, browsing or in any way using the Site.

Content includes text, images, audio, video, and any means of communication or a form of information.

2. User registration

If a visitor wants to download content or comment on the news (posts) he or she must open an account, and keep the information on the account. By registering user gains the right to download content.

User account contains username (email address) and password, which are used to authorize the use of portals.

The user is solely responsible for keeping their passwords in secret, and also for all activities related to his account.

If a user suspects unauthorized use of his name, it is necessary to inform our portal about it, otherwise he will be responsible for possible expenses caused by the use of his user name.

We reserve the right to close an account at any time, in case the user’s failure to comply with these terms and conditions.

3. Using the Portal

By using the site, users can find content that is offensive, indecent, or otherwise unacceptable.

Our portal does not approve of such content, but it can not affect it so that the person is using the page at their own risk.

Our Website may terminate or suspend your account or ability to use site, in whole or in part, in its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason, and without notice or liability of any kind. For example, we may suspend your account or ability to use the site if you abuse page. Any such suspension may prevent access to the user’s account, the web, its content, page content, or any other related information.

If the user closes their account, the portal will resume user content which relates to other users (eg user’s comments).

4. Terms posting content

The user can express their opinions and views, publish and share content they like, if they abide by these conditions which are strictly prohibited:

- Publishing, sending and sharing content that violates existing Croatian and / or international laws, the content that is abusive, vulgar, hateful, racist or sexist and pornographic and commercial activities

- Publishing, sending and sharing information that the visitor knows or suspects to be false and whose use could cause damage to other users

- False representation, or representation as other legal or natural persons

- Publishing, sending and sharing content that is protected by copyright

- Publish, send or exchange unwanted content to users without their consent or request, or by means of deception

- Knowingly publishing, sending and sharing content that contains any malicious or objectionable content to other users, viruses, spam or similar computer files or programs made for the purpose of destroying or limiting the operation of any computer software and / or hardware and telecommunications equipment

- Collection, storage and disclosure of personal information and other visitors to the portal users.

5. Permission to use the user’s content

Portal can use the contents of the user in many ways, including displaying the page, reformatting, inclusion in advertising, promotion, distribution, and allowing others to do the same in connection with their own websites and media platforms.

We hereby irrevocably grant a right to use the content for any purpose, and to other people or the media can also access its content.

The term refers to the content of comments, photos and information that the user creates or copies of the portal. The term content is not related to the user’s private information.

6. Privacy Policy

Portal respects the privacy of its customers and visitors. Personal information that the user enters when registering DataCross ® portal will keep anonymous and will not disclose to third parties. This protects the privacy of its users.

Portal can legally collect certain information about users obtained while using the portal. These data will be used to record contacts and users of this website and the purpose of statistical analysis of visitors and Podatkovni centar Križ data center portal will give them to the third party or it will be processed for any other purposes. Communication or material you provide, such as questions, comments, suggestions, etc. will not be considered confidential.

7. Copyright

Portal is the owner of all the content on the page, except for the content of users and third parties, including but not limited to visual interfaces, graphics, design, compilation, products, computer codes, software, and all other components and page elements.

The owner of the copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual and proprietary rights.

Unauthorized use of any part of the site which is protected by copyright, without permission of the copyright holder, is considered a breach of copyright and subject to criminal liability. There will be no use of data and information from the portal for promotional purposes without consent Podatkovni centar Križ data center portal.

Also, all the facilities that are protected by the content owners (copyright, trademark …), shall not be disclosed or used without the owner’s consent.

8. Links to other websites

Sites may contain links to other websites.

Portal can not control the accuracy and quality of content on other sites, so the user himself is responsible for the sites they visit from Podatkovni centar Križ data center portal and Portal is  not responsible for content on other sites.

9. Legal Notice

All users accessing the portal content use it at their own risk.

Portal will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or any other damages resulting from the use of this site.

Also, is not responsible for publishing false or invalid data, which are applied in a timely manner.

In case you notice any inaccurate or incomplete information, about you or your company, please report the error, we will change the data in our database.

10. Changes to the terms of use

Portal reserves the right to change the terms of use of the portal without prior notice.